Cooperative “Formula”

Place: Suela, Indonesia   Age: 25 – 40   Business: Various   Loan: 5 x 135€   Five of our borrowers are living in Lombok. However different their initial situations are, they all have a common goal: together with ‘FORUMULA’, their village cooperative, they would like to build a tourist information center where one can […]



Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 67   Business: Road Stall   Loan: 4 x 35€   Update Dezember 2017 Rasmini was able to repay all her micro loans in time. Now she receives a fourth loan. Even this time the senior citizen does not want to take a bigger risk and requests only 35€, which we gladly provide […]



Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 59   Business: Gasoline   Loan: 35€; 53€; 53€   Update November 2017 As Seni was able to fully repay her second micro loan on time, we accepted her request for a third one. With this, she hopes to finally open her new shop. Update October 2017 Unforeseen school expenses halted Seni’s plan […]



Place: Matain, Philippines   Age: 32   Business: Tailor Shop   Loan: 192€; 96€   Update November 2017 The latest trend in the Philippines: Hello Kitty products. The single mom knows how to make use of this opportunity and also produces Hello Kitty bags. For a bulk order of the respective materials she received another micro loan.  […]

sriami-loan give


Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 48   Business: Biscuits   Loan: 35€; 35€; 53€   Update December 2017 Sriami tells us that her income increased again by 7%. She fully repaid her second loan and received a third one. Update October 2017 Sriami was able to increase her daily income by 5%. Like other street vendors, […]



Place: Pringgasela, Indonesia   Age: 70   Business: Weaving  Loan: 135€   70-year-old Komala lives in her deceased husbands’ house, located in Pringgasela Selatan together with her daughter. In her early years, her mother taught Komala sewing and natural dyeing, using natural ingredients of the tarum tree. This is an Indonesian plant which grows in coastal and […]



Place: Olangapo, Philippines   Age: 55   Business: Tailor Shop   Loan: 192€; 96€   Update October 2017 In the strictly catholic Philippines, Christmas season traditionally starts in September. This is the best time to sell, so Emencita wants to increase her production to benefit from the situation. In order to buy in bulk in Manila, she […]



Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 54   Business: Curbside stall   Loan: 35 €   54-year old Sutri and her husband Gundara are originally from Karangasm, eastern Bali. They have three children. After their wedding in 2000 they moved to Denpasar. Sutri makes “Banten”, traditional offerings which are used in Hindu rituals. She delivers them […]



Place: Peringgasela, Indonesia   Age: 39   Business:  Weaving Loan: 135€   39-year-old Sri lives with her mother in Peringgasela Selatan. After graduating in 1998 she began sewing. Today, she is the chairwoman of a women’s’ sewing association. The garments are sold in several boutiques or to collectors. Gas cartridges used for stoves are sold as well. […]



Place: Baretto, Philippines   Age: 25   Business: Tailorshop   Loan: 100€   Close to Olongapo, a city on the Philippines, is Subic Bay Freeport Zone, a US naval base until 1992. The people of Olongapo live impoverished and fight for their daily livelihood albeit high-school diplomas. One of them is Jenifer, a young mother from a […]



Place: Selong, Indonesia   Age: 29   Business: Warung   Loan: 15€   29-year-old Muslihan lives as one of six daughters with her parents in a small apartment in Selong. She recently received a micro loan from us. In this interview you can read what she utilized it for. Gema Alam: Telll us some thing about yourself. […]



Place: Selong, Indonesia   Age: 30   Business: Warung   Loan: 14€   As a small neighbouring island of Bali, the island Lombok receives only little attention. With its magnificent nature, high mountains and friendly inhabitants, Lombok is equally charming. Thanks to our partner organisation Gema Alam we got to know 30-year old Yon. His parents moved […]



Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 48   Business: Warung   Loan: 35€; 35€   Update November 2017 With one month delay, Sulis fully repaid her second micro loan.  Update August 2017 Sulis tried to track the success of her first loan. The stunning result: from her 35€ investment, she made a profit of 35€ after full repayment! Motivated by her […]



Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 39   Business: Lieferservice   Loan: 35€; 50€; 50€; 71€   Update October 2017 In early October, Rumini’s mother got seriously ill. So Rumini had to leave her business for a while, travel to the neighbouring island Java and take care of her mother. Paying for the trip, the hospital and medicine, most […]



Place: Olongapo City, Philippines   Age: 30   Business: Street Food   Loan: 125€   Cindy lives with her 11-year old daughter Charlotte in Olongapo City in the Philippines. The 30-year old never had an easy life. With her husband and her daughter, Cindy lived for a long time at her parents in one of the cities […]



Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 44   Business: Food Delivery   Loan: 35€; 71€, 71€   Update November 2017 Victor repaid his third microcredit one month later than expected. He is now able to send his children to a better school. Update August 2017 After repaying his second loan, Victor’s income increased another 15%. Distributing to more roadside […]

Debaya 4


Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 23   Business: Warung   Loan: 35€   As a small island in the midst of the Indian Ocean with breath-taking beaches, friendly inhabitants and a unique culture, Bali attracts many tourists as well as inhabitants of the neighbouring island Java as does the 23-year-old Debaya, who moved to Bali together with her […]


Rahayu and Poniwan

Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 47 and 49   Business: Street Food   Loan: 35€; 35€; 35€; 35€   Update October 2017 Take a look at the pictures below: this is the items that the couple bought with their last loan and their business earnings. We gave out a fourth loan to Rahayu and Poniwan so that they can […]



Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 52   Business: Road Stall   Loan: 35€; 52€   Update June 2017 Sutarmi repaid her first microloan successfully and received a second microloan of 52€. With that she wants to open a second stall in another location. About Sutarmi Together with her son, her two daughters and her husband, Djawata, 52-year-old Sutarmi […]

Ni Wayan


Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 47   Business: Small Restaurant   Loan: 137€; 135€; 135€   Update Juni 2017 To further improve her business, Gendriani received a third micro loan of 135€. Update Mai 2017 Gendriani repaid her second micro loan on time. Update April 2017 To take part in a Hindu ceremony in her home town, Gendriani […]



Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 54   Business: Foodstall   Loan: 135€; 135€; 135€   Update March 2017 After she was able to repay the previous loan earlier than planned, the successful entrepreneur receives a third and last micro loan from us. Now she also sells jackfruit. During our visit, she happily explains Director Tobias Schüßler how she came […]


Asmawati and Edi

Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 60 and 61   Business: Warung   Loan: 135€; 135€   Update June 2017 Asmawati and Edi received a second micro loan in order to further improve their small restaurant.  Update May 2017 Asmawati and Edi repaid their micro loan in time.  About Asmawati and Edi It is 30 years ago that Asmawati and […]



Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 52   Business: Delivery Service   Loan: 142€; 178€; 135€   Update May 2017 Hermanto repaid his last microcredit in time!  Update March 2017 Hermanto received a third and last microcredit from us. He used it to make another large bulk order. Update Dezember 2016 After a dramatic motorcycle accident Hermanto was not […]



Place: Subic, Philippines   Age: 38   Business: Tailor Shop   Loan: 96€   Update May 2017 Aireen fully repaid her microloan in advance. About Aireen Aireen lives together with her husband and three children in Subic, Philippines. Until recently, the woman had to stay at home and take care of the family as her husband lived abroad for […]



Place: Subic, Philippines  Age: 33  Business: Tailor Shop  Loan: 96€   North of Subic Bay, not far from the international cooperations in the freeport zone, the small town Subic with its 90.000 inhabitants is located. This is where Alimie lives together with her husband and child. Her husband’s unemployment is a big financial challenge for […]



Place: Subic, Philippines   Age: 19   Business: Tailor Shop   Loan: 98€   So far, April is the youngest participant in our program. Furthermore, she is also the first one to take up study at university as it is her dream to become a teacher. With the microloan she bought a sewing machine as well as cloth […]



Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 51   Business: Diner   Loan: 135€; 135€; 135€   Update January 2017  Yenni repaid her third micro loan. Her daily income now averages 5,35€. That is a 78% increase when compared to before the first microcredit! Update October 2016 Yenni applied for a third and final loan after having repaid her first two micro loans in […]

risa 2


Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 34   Business: Kerbside Stand   Loan: 102€; 135€   Update June 2017 Risa received a second micro loan from us! Now she finally hopes to turn her dream of her own small shop into reality. Update March 2017 Risa opened her small kiosk in order to provide for her family after Hermanto’s […]


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