Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 55  
Business: Tailor Shop  
Loan: 71 €


In 2000, Supriyadi and Nurhayati moved from Banyuwangi in the east of Java to the neighboring island Bali. Supriyadi has worked many different jobs until he started working at a sewing company in 2010. Over the period of five years, he has improved his sewing skills. His passion for sewing finally drove the 55-year-old to opening his own tailor shop in 2015, located at the families’ house. His wife Nurhayati supports and helps him with managing orders and supporting work. His modest shop grew very fast and he gained many customers that were very happy with his work. With the tailor shop, Supriyadi earns approximately 7,15€ a day; that’s only 1,78€ per family member!

Renewing his sewing supplies would allow Supriyadi to finish his orders a lot quicker, so we gave him a micro loan of 71€. This will enable him to serve more customers and to support his daughters better in the long-run.

Bildergalerie Supriyadi

Bildergalerie Supriyadi
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