Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 52   Business: Restaurant   Loan: 35€; 52€; 71€; 71€    Update April 2018 After four years, Sutarmi has decided to close her curb-side stall on Bali, as the competition was getting too strong over the past six months. Even with a subsidiary, she barely made any money. Instead, she opened a […]


Irene, Grace & April

Four more students have completed their course in the Philippines. Here you can find out who they are.     Irene, 52, has four childen. Even though the family is already quite large from a European perspective, they share their two rooms with other relatives in order to save money. After the training she will try […]



Place: Denpasar, Indonesia   Age: 63   Business: Warung   Loan: 71 €   Radi and Karsa, both 63 years old, only attended elementary school. Despite their age, the parents oft wo children still work full time, Karsa as a bus driver and Rati runs a small Warung. Per family member, they are only left with […]

Meet our program participants: Siti received three micro loans from us. After fully repaying, she was able to quadruple her daily income! In this short video you can get more glimpses of her home.

"The fact that people had to live in and from garbage shocked me to the core. How desperate does one have to be to sell their own children in some cases, just to feed the rest of the family?" Tobias Schüßler about his experiences in the Philippines and the founding of Global Micro Initiative.

In this video, you learn more about the beginnings of our work in South East Asia.